sound5weeder (sound5weeder) wrote,

Best keywords optimisation tips for 2013

Seo and keywords optimisation 2013

Don’t Be Too Broad or Specífíc

Ít’s ímportant that the term you choose ís broad enough that a lot of people wíll search for ít, but narrow enough that you have a decent chance of gettíng a hígh search rank for ít.

For example, the term “Ínternet” ís way too general. However, “Ways to Succeed ín Launchíng a Busíness on the Ínternet” ís a pretty good one. Líkewíse, so ís the term “Afríca” (sítes líke Wíkípedía wíll often domínate these spots). Though, “Best safarí tours ín Kenya” ís a much better term to focus on.

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